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Hi!  My name is Kathy Bryan, though my friends call me Kath.  I'm glad you stopped by!  If we had met in real life, instead of online, you would quickly learn a few things about me.  So, since that may not happen, I thought I'd fill you in just a bit, so you know who's the person behind the blog.

I'm crazy in love with my God and my husband!! These two have blessed me with three wondrous children, and eight grandchildren we affectionately call the 'punkin seeds.'

I am currently journeying through my 49th year here on this beautiful earth.  Every moment here leaves me learning and in awe.  So far, in this life I have learned a ton, but I still have so far to go!  

Learning, pondering, teaching, how I love these things!  If you are learning you are broadening your insight, knowledge, and wisdom.  You are strengthening yourself, and feeding your soul.





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