I Come From....

i come from eternity
from love and peace
beauty and mystery

placed into this world
full of joy
eager to learn, yearning to heal

given eyes that see
what others choose to miss,
a heart full of innocence

a buoyant spirit
the things of this world
thought they could deflate

this world would say
she's from a small town
tucked into rolling hills of countryside

born to a struggling young woman
of breeding and mixed pedigree
to an emotionally shuttered German father

raised among marvelously
flawed people full of life, lies,
love, hate and scandal

they'd say she's from broken dreams
and tattered lives,
from generations of denial, addiction

part of a colorful family,
deeply patriotic and full of pride
determination, and crazy love

they'd say her painful life's journey
was from whence she'd come
and had made her what she is today

but listen as i say,
No!  i'm heading back
home to where I'm from

this world you hold dear is not my home,
this journey i value
from it, i have grown

i've experienced soul-shattering pain,
deep love that will break you,
known the darkest evil

but it will never overtake,
the wondrous pleasures
of my eternal abode

oh yes, eternity is where i'm from
created lovingly by my Father's hand
it is to Him i will return

                                        ~kathy bryan