Today's Ponder...

So, if you consider yourself a Christ-follower and you think we are in the end times, that means you know what's coming, and are looking ahead. So, how about using the rest of your time here displaying the love of Christ to those around you. Not the ones who already know it, but the ones who think they do, and the ones who don't & are so lost.

Love them! Don't hate them. Don't tell them all the things they are doing wrong. Stop holding them to your standard, when they don't even know that measuring stick exists! If they don't 'know' our Jesus then He can't be their standard.....yet! Yet!

YOU are here to point then to HIM. That's your one job, your commission, your command. Friend, you didn't always know Him, remember that and display that grace He has so magnanimously showered upon you.

Our job isn't too crack down on everyone, demanding respect and tolerance and equality. Admittedly, those things would be grand, but Jesus, He loved. He met people right where they are, in all of their broken, messiness, and He loved. He was genuine and real and didn't have a hidden agenda to manipulate them into going to the temple, or quitting their worst vice. No, He loved it out of them.

Remember, He said, He didn't come for the ones who thought they had it all together...... He came for those who didn't, and they knew it. Ponder this please.... because someone out there needs you to know it. 

~kathy bryan. @simplykathy

(note: I mean the 1 Cor 13 kind of love, not the worldly, enabling kind of love)

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