Misplaced Blame...

This is not meant to be neither condemning nor flippant. Please read this and ponder it. I continually see and hear comments that place the shame and blame upon the person abused, rather than the perpetrator.

Utilizing a vast myriad of methods, traffickers exhibit complete control over those they victimize. This includes but is not limited to brainwashing, threats, violence, coercion, emotional, physical, mental abuse, restraints, torture, etc. They are master manipulators, and have PROVED to those they victimized multiple times they are in control and are not to be challenged.

Victims of trafficking have the same exact types of diagnoses as seen in prisoners of war, and torture victims. They struggle with Stockholm syndrome, complex ptsd, depression, anxiety, disabling physical problems, and much more. In addition to these truths, please note, the shame of these crimes rests FULLY on the shoulders of the perpetrators not the survivor!!!

Yet, time and again, in comments on facebook posts, on news articles, and in conversations, people are shaming and blaming the abused. Today I saw a post that shared an interview with an incredibly strong, amazing individual who'd survived trafficking. There were more comments about the fact she hadn't stated who the perpetrator was, than there were indignant ones filled with righteous anger at this man!!!

Telling the name of this person to a journalist, to the facebook world and general public would only serve to place her in danger! Even telling the police, has been known to find the person missing or dead. These are seriously dangerous people.

PLEASE stop blaming those victimized and start asking how can we better address this issue, placing shame and blame where it lies, and creating enough protection that those victimized can feel safe enough to tell!