Explore...A surprising New Year word


As I fell asleep this morning around 1 am, I had asked the Lord if He wanted to/would give me a word for the New Year.  I've never been one to make these New Year resolutions and major life revamps in January, simply because culture says it's the thing to do.  Seasons in my life don't generally follow a laid out, cyclical calendar.  Rather, I seem to live making changes and trying new things as I feel led, or am curious to do so.


I have a friend who, though she lives similarly, began a few years back getting a word, a single word, from the Lord for the New Year.  She didn't know what to expect that first year, but it made such an impact on her, she has allowed it to become a tradition in her life.

So, as I was laying down I thought I'd ask God what, or if, He had a word for me.  As soon as I asked, like lightning fast, I heard


Explore yourself, Explore Me, Explore the world.


Now, I wasn't shocked He answered me, because He loves talking with me, I've learned.  But, I have to say, I was a bit surprised there was one solitary word.  And honestly, I love the word!!  Though, I am intrigued by His choice, since I've always been so curious. 


Perhaps because He created me that way, He is reminding me to use that character trait on a deeper level.  Perhaps He's reminding me to live!!  I am always saying, "Enjoy the journey," and lately I'm often going through the motions.  It's definitely time to lift my head! The view is certainly much better that way,

Explore... Seek, look, pursue, go deep, look anew... These are all things that come to mind when I consider the word, and the meaning it holds.  I am looking forward to seeking, pursuing, and going deeper in all of these three areas. 

Here's to discovering all that Explore has to teach me.  I pray if you are even a tiny bit curious about having a word, that you will be brave and ask Him.  He wants to share it with you!


~kathy bryan