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Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Do you work with survivors of exploitation and want to be better equipped to help them reach their destinies?  ELEVATE is just that, a faith-based mentoring toolkit that encourages survivors of sex trafficking and advocates, to go after all they were created to be! Through exercises, activities, homework and thought-provoking story, you will be inspired, refreshed and prepared to improve your skills, strengthen relationships, and create strategy for your life!  Elevate has helped hundreds of survivors unearth their purpose and worth. Get started today!


Slavery Exists Among Us

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Human Trafficking. Modern Day Slavery. REALLY? It is, after all 2015. Are you trying to tell me that slavery exists today, and in our country?
Yes, yes I am. I can say that with certainty because, I was once a slave.
— kathy bryan