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Educate. Encourage. Empower. Kathy's expert knowledge, personal experience and passion combine to yield empathetic mentoring, and engaging trainings that do just that.  A speaker, advocate and author, she has worked with Rebecca Bender Initiative since it was founded.  Kathy is currently the Director of Elevate Academy, the online resource especially for human trafficking survivors, and the Lead Mentor.  She is also a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign.

She has trained thousands of medical professionals, law enforcement, community service providers, and faith-based communities across the nation, and mentored hundreds of trafficking survivors. Kathy testified before the Arkansas House and Senate in support of Human Trafficking Legislation, which was subsequently passed and became law.  Kathy is also a member of both the National Survivor Network and the Survivor Leader Institute.

Having survived two years of sex trafficking as a young teen, Kathy knows intimately how real trafficking is in America, and how difficult the journey to true healing and peace is, if one survives. She has been an active leader in her local church providing supportive listening, lay counseling, and small group leadership for over 20 years. There is much to be found in her wheelhouse, ultimately, though, her heart beats for helping people understand each other, which fosters empathy and a foundation for unity.  She and her husband, Keith love spending time with their family, off-roading, and traveling this beautiful world.  

Past Speaking Engagements

  • JuST Conference by Shared Hope International, New Orleans, LA 2017

  • Keynote address AEMTS Symposium, AR 2017

  • Delaware County Community CSEC Event & Children's Bureau IL 2017

  • Keynote address for An Evening of Hope, AR 2017

  • Savannah Working Against HT for Med Professionals, 2017

  • Keynote address for End It Movement, NC 2017

  • Keynote address for White As Snow Gala, LA 2017

  • EMS Medical Professional training in TX, MI, WV, AZ   2016

  • Macomb County MCA Conference MI 2016

  • Desert Southwest Arizona Fire Chiefs Leadership Conference   2016

  • Law Enforcement Training WV 2016

  • San Antonio 3rd Annual Emergency Healthcare Conference   2016

  • Salvation Army Central Territorial Anti-Trafficking Symposium Chicago   2016

  • Salvation Army Territorial Conference Georgia   2016

  • Hot Springs Task Force Anti-Trafficking Symposium   2016

  • 3rd Annual Trauma Informed Care Conference, MS Dept of Health2015

  • Keynote address for Operation Freedom Awareness Spotlight Gala, SC   2015

  • Hot Springs Anti-Trafficking Conference   2015

  • Arkansas Medical Professional training    2014

  • Hope Rising Event, Loyola University, IL 2015

  • NLC Celebrate Recovery, AR 2015

  • Hot Springs Women of Prayer, AR 2015

  • Human Trafficking Task Force of Garland County, AR 2015

  • Arkansas State University, Little Rock, 2014

  • Veteran’s Administration Continuing Education Conference, Little Rock   2014

  • Arkansas State University, Heber Springs   2014

  • STAND Against Trafficking   2014

  • Fairfield Bay Rotary Club   2014

  • Sardis United Methodist Church Youth Rally   2014

  • SK8 for Freedom   2013

  • Rotary Club of Cleburne County   2013

  • Church of the Nazarene   2013

  • Heber Springs Human Trafficking Awareness Event   2013

  • Garland County Cares Community Coalition   2013

  • Arkansas State Capitol, House   2013

  • Human Trafficking Summit, AR State Capitol   2012

  • Arkansas State Capitol, Senate   2012

  • Arkansas State Capitol testimony to pass Arkansas House Bill 1203   2012

  • Rush Hour Traffic   2012

  • Women’s Retreat   2011

What people are saying....

Kathy is a gifted communicator and uses her talent to equip many to understand the realities of sex
trafficking in America. As a survivor, she is able to give needed understanding and insight to those who are on the front lines encountering victims. As she shares her journey of healing, she offers great hope and wisdom to those providing services to survivors. Kathy provides priceless insight and leadership in our nation’s movement to address the issue of sexual exploitation. Kathy’s training will leave you empowered and equipped to address the issue of sex trafficking.
— Gretchen Smeltzer, Director of Into the Light
Dear Kathy:
Thank you for participating in The Salvation Army Central Territory’s event Encounter: Prepare, Pursue, & Promote Justice for victims of human trafficking. Your sessions were a highlight of our conference, and provided a way for our attendees to learn from your perspective as a survivor with a strong message of Biblical hope and restoration. Your message is influential and inspiring.

Throughout the course of the rest of the conference, many of the attendees reflected on the powerful
story you shared, and related it to the impact of informing their ministry with their various roles and
responsibilities. May God continue to bless you as you minister to others.
— Maribeth Velazquez Swanson, LCSW
I met Kathy Bryan at a Human Trafficking awareness event that was discussing legislation for the state of Arkansas at the beginning of 2013. After hearing that she is a survivor of Human Trafficking and that she is willing to share her story, I invited her to come to Hot Springs to speak at an awareness meeting.
Kathy expresses more in the telling of her story than I could in any informational presentation. Statistics and information that she provides along side her story only further opens the listener’s eyes to how this evil affects us in our everyday lives.
Kathy shares her story in full transparency and in a very personal yet professional way. However, she doesn’t leave the listener with the hopeless feeling that comes when we are faced with the reality of such evil that ravages human life. She deposits hope in her listeners as they see the joy in her face as she interacts with individuals; they see the hope of survival and of restoration and are encouraged to join the fight and continue.
Kathy leaves listeners knowing more about Human Trafficking than they knew before, the reality of it happening to anyone, the hope of restoration and the resources for becoming part of the solution to end Modern Day Slavery. I am blessed and honored to call her colleague, and now, friend.
— Melisa Glenn
I want to personally thank you on behalf of the OFA team for flying up to Greenville to speak at our gala in September! We’ve had an overwhelming amount of support and great feedback from it, and we couldn’t have done any of it without you. You truly are a role model, and an inspiration, and thank you for your dedication and determination for this cause!
We hope you keep in touch with what OFA is doing, and I pray that you and your team continue to change lives as well as you are already making a HUGE difference!!
Again, thank you so much, and God bless!
— The OFA Team
Being able to hear directly from a woman who has survived some of the most cruel and vilest of actions against a human; someone who has been able to walk into freedom, receive healing and walk in restoration is sobering and inspiring. It takes the blinders off of us, as we hear her story and causes us to care for people we do not know or see.

I cannot express again, how thankful I am to have had this opportunity. How can we applaud and support these women and men in their efforts to fight Human Trafficking, if we are not there to hear them? Keep up the efforts!
— HT Task Force of Garland County